Having run a laboratory since 1982, we were drawn to the problems that patients were having with their dentures. Whilst working closely with dentists often we would be asked to help them by personalizing denture teeth or making adjustments to their patients dentures using our technical skills and in depth experience.

Our Clinician continually undertakes additional training to improve skills and learn new techniques, and in 2013 Stephan Avetoom qualified as a Clinical Dental Technician with the Kent,Surrey and Sussex Deanery. This course is run in conjunction with the Royal College of Surgeons which has enabled us to work with patients directly. We collaborate with many local dentists, and run the clinic from Hampton in Middlesex.

We provide a bespoke service for patients, many who have been made successful dentures after failed attempts through the conventional route.

We consult directly with our patients, and make the dentures incorporating any individual requirements the patient may have. Most patients do not want that "Hollywood" smile and often opt for a more natural look. We can use an old denture as a template or emulate your smile from an old picture and add support to the patients face,cheeks and lips that has been lost over time. It can be extremely satisfying to see the difference it makes and we take pride in seeing the patient wearing their new teeth and knowing how we worked together to restore their confidence and smile.

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