To add teeth to a denture we sometimes require an impression of the denture sitting in your mouth. However this is not always necessary so feel free to phone us and we can advise you of what is needed.

If you have simply snapped a tooth off and want it re-bonded to the plate then we can take care of that in about an hour, if you need a replacement tooth to be matched up for shade and bonded on then that can take up to 2 hours.

If you have lost a natural tooth and need a replacement tooth added to your denture we can add one or several if needed but this may require an impression. This can take a few hours to process and may need adjustment on fitting to ensure you are comfortable with the changes. If an impression is needed we can arrange for one to be taken at our clinic or a local dentist (at extra cost) can be enlisted to help at short notice.

Very often the tissues in the mouth change shape and this can result in the denture rubbing and creating sore spots.The dentures can be adjusted and polished to alleviate any soreness but usually this is sign that the dentures are not fitting well and will need remedial work or replacement.