People wear dentures to fill the gaps left after losing teeth, the dentures are made by a technician and then fitted to seat on your gums, usually after fitting small adjustments are made to allow the dentures to settle comfortably and to allow the patient to eat and smile with confidence and in comfort.

We can arrange for you to see a Dentist during the first consultation so your teeth are checked for any underlying problems and a comprehensive soft tissue check is provided by us. This includes a check of your facial muscles, tongue, gums and related structures. This is to check for any abnormal lumps, swellings or patches that could indicate further health issues. A persons medication can also affect the tissues of the mouth and may cause difficulties in denture provision, so a full consultation is necessary for all patients.

How long will it take?

Normally our patients receive their treatment over a 2-4 week period. Because we make the dentures ourselves (rather than sending them to a lab, as the dentist does) we can shorten the time between appointments in emergency cases.

How long will my dentures last?

Dentures should last on average 3-5 years, however changes to the dentures due to wear and tear and the changes in your bone and gum shape can result in the dentures becoming loose and unstable. Dentures that are not too worn but have become loose can be relined in order to make them fit snugger. Wear and tear cannot be fixed and a replacement set must be considered. To keep your dentures in tip top condition please read the section on denture care.

Denture care

Brush you dentures daily with a soft brush and using a little liquid soap.

Nitradine tablets/powder are the latest in denture cleaners, and are available through uk or If you still use tablet type cleaners (Steradent) which are small bleach blocks then you must use them according to manufacturers intructions. Overuse can cause damage to your denture acrylic and the teeth. We suggest you never leave them in the cleaning solution overnight, twenty minutes every other day is more than sufficient to keep your dentures fresh and clean. However It is important to thoroughly rinse your dentures under a running tap before placing them in your mouth.