Sports mouth guards, also known as gum shields, are an essential piece of protection equipment in any contact sport. Correctly fitted and custom moulded gum shields that contour your teeth, make wearing gum shields both comfortable, highly effective and less likely to fall out during sport. We make custom moulded sports mouth guards tailored to your own mouth with professionally taken dental impressions in our on site laboratory ensuring a comfortable, snug fit.

As mouth guards are made from a porous material it is possible for dirt and germs to attach to it- creating a film overtime. To keep your mouth guard hygienically clean and free from discolouration and damage we can provide care instructions and all guards come with an appliance box for you to store it in safely. We also recommend that you regularly clean your mouth guard with nitradine disinfectant tablets to help keep it looking and smelling fresh.

Whatever contact sport you play you should always wear a custom guard as they will give you the best protection.

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